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कर्मभूमि लेखक प्रेमचन्द

प्रेमचन्द का उपन्यास कर्मभूमि

Premchand's novel Karmbumi

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Karmabhoomi (The land where one works) is a Hindi novel by Munshi Premchand.

Karmabhoomi is set in the Uttar Pradesh of the 1930s. By the beginning of the 20th century, Islam and Hinduism had coexisted in India for over a thousand years. Barring the occasional outbursts of violence, the two religious communities had lived together peacefully and shared strong social bonds except marriage. English education, however, drove a wedge between the communities.

India of the early 1930s consisted of a great mass of poor and illiterate people who were exploited by the rich and powerful, irrespective of caste or religion. The author has sympathy for these poor and toiling masses are clearly reflected in his writings. It is against this backdrop that Premchand wrote Karmabhumi.


गबन लेखक प्रेमचन्द

प्रेमचन्द का उपन्यास गबन

Premchand's novel Gaban

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Gaban (literally, Embezzlement) is a Hindi novel by Munshi Premchand, written in 1931. Through this novel, he tries to show the falling moral values among lower middle class Indian youth in the era of British India, and to what heights a person can get to, to reach the world of elite class,and maintain the false image as a rich person.

It tells the story of Ramanath, a handsome, pleasure seeking, boastful, but a morally weak person, who tries to make his wife Jalpa, happy by gifting her jewelry which he can't really afford to buy via his meager salary, and then gets engulfed in a web of debts, which ultimately forces him to commit embezzlement. It is considered Premchand's best work, after Godaan.


निर्मला लेखक प्रेमचन्द

प्रेमचन्द का उपन्यास निर्मला

Premchand's novel Nirmala

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Nirmala is a Hindi fiction novel written by writer Munshi Premchand. The melodramatic novel is centered on Nirmala, a young girl who was forced to marry a widower of her father's age. The plot unfolds to reveal her husband’s suspicion of a relationship between her and his eldest son, a suspicion that leads to the son’s death.

A poignant novel first published in 1927, Nirmala's reformist agenda is transparent in its theme which deals with the question of dowry, and consequently mismatched marriages and related issues. The story uses fiction to highlight an era of much needed social reform in 1920s Indian society. Nirmala was serialized in 1928 in Chand, a women’s magazine in which the novel’s feminist character was represented.


गोदान लेखक प्रेमचन्द

प्रेमचन्द का उपन्यास गोदान

Premchand's novel Godan

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Godan is a Hindi novel by Munshi Premchand, translated into English as The Gift of a Cow.

It was first published in 1936 and is considered one of the greatest Hindustani novels of modern Indian literature. Themed around the socio economic deprivation as well as the exploitation of the village poor, the novel was the last complete novel of Premchand. It was translated into English in 1957 by Jai Ratan and P. Lal a 1968 translation by Gordon C. Roadarmel is now considered "a classic in itself".